OneView for Dynamics - Release Update - January 13, 2023

OneView Dynamics 2.17



  • Request Ownership Assignment by Flex Field Definition

    • Admin User can now determine a Request Type Default Ownership assignment if a particular Flex Field is a particular value.
  • Ability to Auto Integrate Request to DownStream Systems using our Integration Gateway Services (IGS)

    • When configuring a Request Type Mapping between Dynamics and a Downstream system, Admin Users can now establish if the Request would be integrate as soon as it is created or a pre-condition must first be meet.
  • Advance SLA Calculation

    • Customizable Calculation based on certain criteria.
    • Ability to apply "Delay Events" on SLA calculation on existing active records.


  • OneLink App: "My Request" screen performance improvements.

  • Messaging:

    • We now have the ability to schedule a Blast notification, instead of immediately sending once it has been Published.
  • ReverseGeocode | Find Address Candidate: We can now specify an ESRI Mapping Attribute for the following fields: StreetName / StreetNumber / Street Direction / StreetRoute

  • Process Adjustments:

    • When a SR's that is currently integrated with a Downstream system (Accela , Lucity), it's Request Type is changed. The existing record on the downstream system is canceled and a new one is created.
    • Whenever an annotation or comment is added to a Request Record, the Last Updated field of the Request is updated.
  • OneView Configuration:

    • Allow duplicate Emails on new Contacts via configuration.
    • Case's Description Field is required based on the selected "RequestType".
  • Downstream Integration:

    • Accela: Ability to configured Flex Fields Internal KVP.
    • Accela: Now a possible "Parcel" would be associated when a Request is created on Accela from OneView.
    • CityWorks: Additional information from the Request record is now being synched to CityWorks
      • Estimated SLA 2 -> Projected Finished Date
      • Priority -> Priority
      • Status Reason -> Status (Based on integration status mapping)
      • Number of days delayed -> Text1
  • Other:

    • V9 environments: Remove "Social Profile" & "Survey" from Sitemap.
    • V9 environments: The Request Form's SLA information is now read-only.


  • Bug Fix: Under certain conditions, Actual SLA 1 is no longer being overwriting when closing a Request.

  • Bug Fix: Actual SLA 2 is now being set when canceling a Request.

  • Bug Fix: Close Case In Mass Workflow was adjusted so that no hardcoded "ServiceActivityStatusReasonId" is needed.

  • Bug Fix: Parent Child Dialog under certain conditions, a script error would occurred.

  • Bug Fix: OSS on V9 environments Contact Telephone Search was previously not returning any result.

  • Bug Fix: When a Request Type was configured to only required "Coordinate Requirement", if no address was added, the system would not allow you to save the record.

  • Bug Fix: Opening the Convert To Case where the Contact that would be prepopulated existed as an Active record and also as an Inactive record, would previously cause a script error.

  • Bug Fix: V8 Announcements window performance improvement.

  • Bug Fix: One Stop Shop (OSS) on V9 Error management on contact and case creation.

  • Bug Fix: Under certain condition, while saving a new Case record on V8, a duplicated Request would be created.

  • Bug Fix: When selecting a Request Type on the Case creation process, the priority code was not being pre-populated based on configuration.

  • Bug Fix: Respond Portal, within the Request Creation wizard, under certain conditions, an error would occurred while trying to report a Request Type that had Flex Fields dependencies.

  • Bug Fix: Respond Portal, under certain conditions, the GIS ESRI map would not load-up appropriately its Layers.

  • Bug Fix: Staff Notification, Email being sent contained certain dates that were shown on a UTC format, instead of an specific time zone.

  • Bug Fix: V8 Message entity form, under certain condition a script error would occurred while loading a record.

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