Update: OneLink mobile app 3.14.0

New Features

  • Address based Service Request: Now you can specify that a Service Request location need to be a validated address instead of a GPS point. This type of location information, will improve when a specific house or apartment unit is more important then the exact lat long issue.
    • Address data is more accurate than via reverse geocoding.
      • OneLink Users can save often used addresses to their address.
      • Will improve addresses that include apartment numbers and different units on different floors.
  • Asset Based Service Requests: ability to set the specific asset to service request, now includes exact lat and long for the asset.
  • As a user, now I have the case number information in the My Request list section. 
  • As a user, now I can see featured KBAs listed when I open the KB module so that I can see the most popular articles without searching.
  • White label support: As an organization, now I can configure a custom image for the splashscheen when mobile app starts. This configuration must be in place before requesting new mobile app builds. 
  • Custom icon for Request: As an organization, now I can configure a custom icon for the Request button.


Bug fixes

  • Adjustments to prevent the app from crashing on most recent versions of Android devices.
  • Support for attachments in the latest versions of Android (13 & 14)
  • Adjustments to fix filter inconsistency for Nearby Requests and My Requests functionalities.
  • Adjustments to prevent app crashing from Nearby Request functionality.
  • Adjustments to prevent App Crashes if navigating back from the location to the request page without setting a location.  
  • Attachments taken from camera were not showing in the Service Request.
  • Duplicate Detection Modal were not displaying.
  • Adjustments for Push Notification Handling for Status Changes and Comments
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